Sundays Only 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Start Here

Sweet Potato Tater Tots candied bacon aioli

Pig & Goat Platter charcuterie / cypress grove goat cheese / rosemary & fig chutney / crostini’s / dried fruit / walnuts

America Boo-Ya Tempura Fried Bacon with pure maple syrup for dipping

Fruit Parfait  fresh fruit / greek yogurt / local honey

Sweets & Things

Nutella Stuffed French Toast texas toast / whipped cream

The Niles Sunrise homemade granola / greek yogurt / fruit / local honey

Orange Marmalade Waffle powder sugar / berries

Lick Your Plate Club

Always Vegetarian Quiche homemade quiche / potatoes / organic field green salad / biscuit

Chilaquiles fried tortilla chips / guajillo chile sauce / black beans scrambled eggs / sour cream / cheese / pico de gallo

Salmon Salad grilled salmon / mixed organic greens / asiago cheese / lemon tarragon vinaigrette

Chicken Fried Steak eye of round steak / white gravy / scrambled eggs  potatoes / organic field green / salad / biscuit

Vine Brunch two eggs any style & choice of:  bacon, chicken apple sausage, pork andouille sausage, grilled nitrate free ham or fresh fruit / potatoes / organic field green salad / biscuit

Omelet  pork andouille sausage / mozzarella / topped with white gravy / potatoes / organic field green salad biscuit  * Ask for it garden style and we will remove the meat for veggies

Corned Beef Niman Ranch hand pulled corned beef (not your daddy’s canned stuff) / potatoes / two fried eggs organic field green salad / biscuit

Biscuits & Gravy buttermilk biscuits / sausage gravy / two fried eggs potatoes / organic field green salad

Childs Plate biscuit / bacon / potatoes / scrambled eggs / fruit

Sandwiches & Sorts

Ham & Brie Sammy  Niman Ranch nitrate free ham / brie cheese / orange marmalade / potatoes / organic field green salad

The Morning After “Burger” open faced Niman sausage & beef patty / bacon pepper jack / fried egg / atop fried potato croquette / organic field green salad / biscuit

Smoked Salmon Bruschetta  smoked salmon / scrambled eggs / horseradish crème salted caper & red onion salsa / garlic bread / potatoes / organic salad green salad


Grilled Niman Nitrate Free Ham
Aidelle’s Chicken Apple Sausage
Grilled Pork Andouille Sausage
Fresh Fruit Cup
Side of Potatoes
Salad Greens
Side of Two Eggs
Sub egg whites for any eggs
RULES OF THE HOUSE: 18% gratuity added to parties of 6 or more / checks can only be split by three payments, but we will let you borrow our calculator / $7,000 charge on all menu substitutions

Eggs Available: Poached, Over Easy, Over Medium, Over Hard,
Scrambled and Sunnyside Up

I Will Be Dancing On The Table

agave soju / lime / organic agave nectar / on the rocks with a salty rim
*have it’s as an annie-rita and we will add fresh strawberry puree and a sugar rim

Mom”-osa pint sized sparkling wine / odwalla orange juice

Big Ol’ Lini pint sized sparkling wine / peach nectar

The Guava Momma sparkling wine / guava juice / fresh mint / on the rocks

The Vine Sunrise agave soju / pineapple puree / blood orange juice on the rocks

Michelada beer / lime / chili gods hot sauce / spicy rim / on the rocks

The Right Stuff soju / chocolate wine / coffee / whipped cream / on the rocks

Shandy Town beer / fresh blood orange juice / agave / soju sidecar

Buzz-acon Mary soju / spicy vine bloody mary / bacon, bacon & bacon

Korean Mule soju / goslings ginger beer / lime / on the rocks

Panty Party nigori unfiltered sake / pineapple juice / on the rocks

Soju Bloody Mary spicy vine bloody mary / soju / celery salt

I Won’t Be Dancing On The Table

Mission Coffee Vine Blend Coffee

Large Odwalla OJ 16oz

Small Odwalla OJ 8oz

Kerns Guava or Peach Juice

Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream

Hot Tea

Fountain Sodas

Gosling’s Ginger Beer

Iced Tea

Pellegrino Liter


Most of our cocktails are made with soju, a sweet potato spirit that makes an excellent substitute for vodka and tequila.  At 22-25% abv, it’s about half the strength of most hard alcohol – but don’t worry … we use twice as much

Bar Manager: Kathleen To